Art Deco Interior, Melbourne

Art Deco Interior, Williams Street, Melbourne, July 2017.

I don’t know what the name of this building is or how or when it came to be, but I was wandering past yesterday when I glanced up and saw this stunning tile mural in what I assume is the reception area. Sadly, it was the weekend and thus, the building was closed, so I had to snap this through the glass doors (hence the reflections). None-the-less, I think the reflected gum trees are nice, as they remind us that regardless of which city you may find yourself in, nature will continue to encroach upon the urban.

I will attempt to get a better shot of this at some point in the near future. The tile work is stunning and I don’t think this shot (or the filter) do it justice. I’d love to get access to the upper floors as well, if only to see if this is a repeating design pattern.

Photograph: Racheal Harris


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